Legacy software development

Legacy software migrations

We have experience migrating legacy Visual basic 6 apps to web based .NET web based apps. There are benefits to updating to a newer platform which include:

  • • Codebase maintainability – maintaining legacy systems and adding new features to them can be expensive. It helps to build new features using the latest technology so they are futureproof.
  • • The skills set of employee or contract developers is C# and .NET and not Visual basic 6
  • • Performance - .NET Core is a fast web framework compared to a VB6 app which can be slow.
  • • Scalability – porting to the web means it is straightforward to scale up the app.

There are conversion tools for Vb6 but they are not automatic and require a lot of manual work. Replacing VB6 controls with .NET versions is a manual process which requires planning and skilled software development work.